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p4000 vmware iscsi configuration help

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Todd Bowden
Valued Contributor

p4000 vmware iscsi configuration help

To all,

Attached is an overview of the ESX host iSCSI based connectivity. Page one shows that from the ESX perspective, the software iSCSI initiator (vmhba41) thinks that the connection is to (LSC0,Cluster 0). The datastore map shows the connection reflecting the singular node connection, LSN0 for most of the datastores, and LSN1 for datastore VMFS5.

Digging further (although not represented on this spreadsheet), the iSCSI connection for a virtual server LSS017 as a mounted iSCSI device out of Server 2003 also indicates the connection pointing to, but mapping to the specific node LSN2 at

It does seem a little odd that all these devices are at least initiating to the cluster IP, then getting assigned to specific NODE addresses. Hope someone can put a second pair of eyes on this to help.

Thank you in advance,
Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Re: p4000 vmware iscsi configuration help

The cluster IP is the IP of the cluster and "floats".

The actual endpoint is a physical node so the initiator will show as being connected to a given node(s) for a given LUN.

That's how I understand it anyway - if you look in the CMC at the iSCSI sessions you'll see exactly which nodes each initiator is connected to.

Sorry if I've misunderstood the question.