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I inherited a project that uses HP StoreVirtual SAN.

HP CMC shows 2 VSA as Model "P4000 VSA (ESX)" The host is an DL380 G6. The LeftHand 11.5 upgrade to 12.0 failed on one system.


The StoreVirtual 2014 VSA OVF doesn't take my license information for "P4000 VSA (ESX)." and the only other OVF I can find are on my 9.0 media. Do I need to start all over?


I guess my main problem is that I don't understand what I have with all these buzzwords StoreVirtual, LeftHand, P4000. Which is the OS and which is the appliance and what is the hardware!! Those it seems P4000 is discontinued and I won't find 12.0 software for it but the LeftHand OS still gets upgraded. I'm so confused. :(

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Re: p4000?


lefthand P4000 and StoreVirtual are diffrent names for the same product. now it is called StoreVirtual.

But if you are reinstalling one node you need the original license.

the license is issued to MAC address of the VMware VSA guest.

It would be better if you can recover from the state you are in and not re-install.

If you need to re=install you will have to remove the old VSA from the cluster an managment group.

and also re-apply the license.

you can download all versions from HP software depot.