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p4300, 4500, 4800


p4300, 4500, 4800

Can someone give me a brief idea of the difference between these series?


I have a pair of VSA and when we grow beyond the 10TB limitation of them we'll look at moving to physical nodes (probably a pair in a multisite/stretched site config). We are a non-profit org so I'm trying to figure out what the best path will be.





Occasional Advisor

Re: p4300, 4500, 4800



in your case I would of course move the data to physical nodes. The VSA solution is primaly designed for small branch offices. The difference between P4300 / 4500 / 4800 ist the capacity and scalelability.


I don't know what performance you need in your san but I would choose an adequat P4500 solution (Multi-Side SAN Solution).


The P4300 supports 8 Disk per physical Node

The P4500 supports 12 Disks per physical Node

The P4800 is not the solution you wan't :)

Therefore you need an HP Blade System Solution (c7000 Blacde Enclosure) with 10Gb Virtual Connect and an 10Gb Network infrastructure :)


Hope this helps...

Paul Hutchings
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Re: p4300, 4500, 4800

You haven't mentioned IOPS and performance.


If cost is an issue and you primarily need capacity rather than performance I don't see any reason that you couldn't add an additonal pair of VSA nodes?