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"Alarms not available" issues on CMC

Xavier Amill
Occasional Contributor

"Alarms not available" issues on CMC

Althogh new alarms are showed at events window as expected into my management group, a yellow exclamation icon appears at alarms windows at bottom.

Clicking over the warning , a new message appears :

"Warning: Alarms may not be available. The issue may be due a momentary communication interruption with the network or software component. Alarms may not be displayed for than following management group...."

I noticed because Im currently unable to appliy any available upgrade to my management group, saying that it can not reach the alarm list.



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Occasional Visitor

Re: "Alarms not available" issues on CMC

Is there a solution for this

Patch 200031 seems to solve the problem but I cannot install the patch due to the fact that upgrades are not possible.


HP : please give solution