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"Waiting for 1 manager to join"

Timothy Morbeto
Occasional Contributor

"Waiting for 1 manager to join"


I have a 2 node HP P4300 G2 SAN solution, for vSphere 4.1 implementation. I have Installed the FOM onto an ESXi Host and it works as intended. When attempting to create a Management group and going through the wizard steps, one of my nodes joins the management group, the other does not, and the status is stuck at Starting/Stoping the Manager. Any suggestions? I am current on my patches /ugrades for SAN/IQ and CMC.



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Re: "Waiting for 1 manager to join"

I'm experiencing this problem too! I've just built 2 P4300 M2's, updated their SAN/IQ to 9.5.x, updated CMC to the latest version, created a FOM in VMware Player on my laptop which is plugged into the iSCSI network, the 2 P4300's and FOM show up ok in the CMC GUI under "available systems" and I can log into all of them ok but when I run the wizard to create my management group and cluster, it adds the P4300's ok but then gets stuck on "waiting for 1 manager to join" and the FOM remains in the available systems list.