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remounting a dismounted lun


remounting a dismounted lun

I have 2 RHEL 5.X servers.  The first server is running has my oracle database and some other content is located and the iscsi LUN.  I take a smart clone of that lun, map it to another server and back up the smartclone.

next day I umount the smartclone from the backup server, unassign the smart clone from the backup server, restart the iscsid on the backup server, delete the smartclone, create a new smartclone, rerun the new initiator string and mount  the drive  I get a resource error that will not clear on the backup server until it is rebooted.

It is like the old mapping is not really cleared.

Any ideas


Regular Advisor

Re: remounting a dismounted lun

Sounds like the iSCSI session is not terminated despite the LUN being unmounted. I forget the commands to check the session in linux, maybe iscsiutil -p? See if there is an option in the iscsiutil to terminate the session or logout.


Hopefully a seasoned linux person will chime in, but I'm pretty sure the reboot is terminating the session and that's why it fixes your problem.