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san/iq replication or vSphere storage vmotion?

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Steven Vallarian
Occasional Contributor

san/iq replication or vSphere storage vmotion?

Which should I use in this case?

I've got two local lefthand units, one SAS, and one SATA in the same location and same rack.

Should I use the replication built into san/iq or use storage vMotion?

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: san/iq replication or vSphere storage vmotion?

Depending of what do you wan to do.

Repliaction allows you to have a copy of the data. If one storage fails, you can perform a failover and use the data on the other storage.

With storage vmotion, you can migrate data from one storage to another, but you don't have replication. If your storage fails, you lose all your data.
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