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update saniq 9; latest available to saniq 9.5

Occasional Advisor

update saniq 9; latest available to saniq 9.5

Hello I want to update to saniq 9.5 this week to add support for microsoft VS volumes on hypre-V.


I already updated all th FW of my 4 P4500G2 nodes according to the latest FW support matrix.

CMC is updated to 9.5 and mpio also.

Now I was reading of 2 problems

1) "There was a problem getting the alarm list for management group..."  -> when does this happen,anybody an idea?

2) And on this forum they talk about performance issues -> is this correct, anyone did an upgrade, is there a fix??


Should I put the upgrade on hold to keep "A HAPPY CUSTOMER" I thouth after 4-5 monthe saniq 9.5 would be stable and almost bug free