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upgrade P4500G2

Occasional Contributor

upgrade P4500G2

i need help upgrading HP p4500G2 software version to a version that will allow me to login using centralized management console.

I get an error station i am unable to login in to system which incompatible with this centralize management console. upgrade the storage system

Occasional Advisor

Re: upgrade P4500G2

What version of the CMC are you trying to log in with?  If you're on 12.6 or 12.7,  it can only manage 11.5 or higher nodes IIRC.  If you've done the software downloads religiously, you likely have an older CMC in your downloads and updates folder, see if you can install the 11.5 CMC and then upgrade the nodes to 11.5.  Then I believe you should be able to manage then in any of the 12.x versions (and upgrade the units further).