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ı have a tag problem

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ı have a tag problem

Im trying to configure switch's vlans diffrent place
how should i configure please help me
configure is on attechment
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: ı have a tag problem

you try to connect two sites using WiFi?

In the diagram i see nothing referring to vlan's?

- In the network you need to configure routing.
- The layer3 switch needs an ( adress to communicatie with the access-point.
- On the clients configure the layer-3 switch as the default geateway
- On the layer3 switch configure the access-pont as the default gateway.

- on the firewall you need to add a statitc route to using as gateway
- ont he clients you need to point to the firewall as default gateway.
cenk sasmaztin
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Re: ı have a tag problem

what u need L3 connection other area

point to point access point connection can L2 bridge mode

assign your juniper firewall (on secont lan interface) any ip address
and connect two access point on this interface for connect other area

other area all client ip address assing juniper secont lan interface ip

that's all