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10GB module for 2900-24G

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10GB module for 2900-24G

Hi All,

Desperately trying to source a 10GB module for a 2900-24G but my suppliers have been unable to quote for for it as they don't know the HP part code... does anyone know this as HP in their wisdom appear to have removed it from their website. This is how it's listed in show modules:

A ProCurve J9049A yl X2/CX4 10-GbE Module

...but the part code appears to be that of the whole switch rather than the module.

Is this one.. http://www.procurve.com/products/accessories/J8694A/accessory.htm
..one and the same?

Thanks in advance
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Re: 10GB module for 2900-24G

Hello Marko,

the 10GB module is a fix module and belongs to the chassis - not removable at all. Thus it is not possible to order it. You just can order the 10GB optical transceiver for the module.


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