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12916 reboot time ???


12916 reboot time ???


i need update my 12916 machines - irf machines -

so i need to reboot my 12916 with have irf and 12 optic cards in total, 

i dont find in dataseet reboot time takes ....

can anyone help me ?


tanks (:


Re: 12916 reboot time ???

Hi @kobi_Levi921 !

For a standalone chassis it will be around 8 min for MPU boot up, another 2-5 minutes for LPUs to load the image and register to MPU, so it's like 11-13 minutes in total.

But if you reboot the whole IRF stack at once, then after MPU's boot up (8 minutes) you may have to wait up to 600 seconds for STM init start, this is the timer is related to IRF and allows all type of MPU cards to boot and get ready for IRF.

Numbers above are approximate! If you plan a downtime, plan it wisely


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