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15-pin AUI ThickLAN bridges?

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Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

15-pin AUI ThickLAN bridges?

Did HP ever make any cables or adapters that were:

15-pin AUI / ThickLAN - female (to) 15-pin AUI / ThickLAN - female

If so, does anyone know the part number of said adapter or cable. I need to bridge together two transceivers.

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: 15-pin AUI ThickLAN bridges?

I can find a few HP 15-pin AUI / ThickLAN cables of various distances, but they're all male to female.

The J2609A AUI Transceiver for AdvanceStacks had female connectors on them, so if connecting 2 of them together I'm guessing that you'd need to have an AUI cross-over cable... I found one below that I thought would be suitable for this task:


But on further reading on google groups, it seems the general consesus is that it is not possible to make an AUI crossover cable. Something about lack of collision detection - so it may work, but very poorly.

You need to use an AUI to Coax or 10Base-T transceiver, and then use a coax or crossover cable to the other transceiver.