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1800-8G with 2626 VLANS

Occasional Contributor

1800-8G with 2626 VLANS

Hello everyone: I just got an 1800-8g, and am trying to use it with a 2626.

I have port 26 on the 2626 going to port 8 on the 1800. On the 2626, there is vlan 200 which is tagged on port 26. The IP Address of VLAN 200 on the 2626 is The IP Address of the 1800 is

The issue now is that the 1800 will not communicate with the 2626. I can get on the 1800 by using a laptop with a static ip of and manage it, but that's about all.

On the 1800 I have VLAN200 defined/created and have marked ports 8, 1, and 2 as members of this vlan. The default gateway for this 1800 switch is set at, which is the VLAN IP address of VLAN 200 on the 2626.

What gets past me is just what I am missing in the setup of the connection between the 1800 and the 2626? I have tried checking the dropdown checkboxes in every combination possible, but nothing works.

I don't think it should be this difficult. Hopefully this explanation is not confusing.

Thanks for the help anyone can offer.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: 1800-8G with 2626 VLANS

Have you updated the firmware on the 1800 to the 02.07 version recently posted on the ProCurve website?

With this new firmware you can now specify which VLAN the management address belongs too. Previously it would only work on VLAN 1 which may be why you are running into this problem.
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Re: 1800-8G with 2626 VLANS

That was a big part of it, thanks for the tip. Here is what I found to get it to work:

Since port 8 on the 1800 was the uplink from the 2626, it needs to be marked as both a member of VLAN 200 and VLAN 1 on the 1800-8g.

The next step was to pick my ports on the 1800 that were to be in VLAN 200 (i.e. end stations). I clicked ports 1-8.

Then I went into port configuration and went to VLAN 1 first. Ports 1-8 had the VLAN AWARE Checkbox. (default)

On the drop down boxes on the far right, all ports were set in VLAN 200 except port 8. Port 8's drop down box was set to VLAN 1.

With the software update the choices were better and it was pretty easy to figure out. I also like the option of saving the config to my hard drive just in case.

Overall the instructions that come with the 1800 arent all that simple to figure out. I found it easier to configure a 2626!!!

I hope my struggle will help anyone else who needs it.
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Re: 1800-8G with 2626 VLANS

All the Default Gateways in your network should be the IP addresses of the VLAN interfaces defined on the Inter-VLAN routing machine. Is the 2626 your Inter-VLAN router?