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2 GBe2 switches for my blades-teaming /Bonding??

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2 GBe2 switches for my blades-teaming /Bonding??

I configured my HP BL20p and now in production. It is running ESX and some Vms on it.. Nice :)

I have dual GBE2 switches on this blade. all Multiple Vlans so far is working good.

My question is How can I configure the second Switch to serve as redundant ports for my NIC Blades. At present I'm only using the first switch and the second is doing nothing.
Although both switches are redundant and full configured.

Do I have to configure additonal NIC in my blade. I'm using NIC1 and NIC2. I read I have 2 more NICs per blade. If I need to do teaming bonding how...

Any idea
Thank you
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Re: 2 GBe2 switches for my blades-teaming /Bonding??

I guess you will have to do

1. some "teaming" in ESX, but how you do that I don't know.


2. Just add all 4 nics to your VM's and run teaming in the OS of each virtual machine.
Richard Jessop
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Re: 2 GBe2 switches for my blades-teaming /Bonding??

You may wish to consult with your HP TCC about configuring the support Pack for NIC Teaming.

With that enabled on your bl20p, you can use UFD (Uplink failure Detection) on the GbE2 switches, available in 2.2 or later firmware.

There are config templates available on bladeconnect.com (http://bladeconnect.com/configs.php) that will show you how to configure the ltm (link to monitor) and then the ltd (link to disable) once the NIC see's a failure.

Also, don't forget to disable the xconnect links, 17 and 18 as the feature won't work with those enabled.

At the bottom of the website there are contact name by region who can help you furture.