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2 Vlan between 2 HP 2524 Switche

Jakob Thomsen
Occasional Contributor

2 Vlan between 2 HP 2524 Switche


I'm trying to make 2 vlan between 2 switchs. They are connected with a Stacking Kit. I have add port 1-12,25-26 untagged to Vlan 1 (Primary).
13-26 tagged to Vlan 2. Why does it not work??

Must both Vlan's be tagged??

Hope u can help me
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: 2 Vlan between 2 HP 2524 Switche

Untag 13-24. The tagging keeps them from working since the hosts on those ports will not understand tagging. You only want tagging on trunk circuits carrying multiple VLANs between devices which understand tagging so only 25 and 26 need the tagging.

Trusted Contributor

Re: 2 Vlan between 2 HP 2524 Switche

1. Decide what port on each SWT you'll use for linking the 2 SWTs together. If you want to use trunking, define what ports will participate to the trunk, in each SWT.

2. Each ports/trunked_ports must be configured to pertain to both VLANs (say: VLN1 and VLN2). Use tagging only for these ports. The purpose of tagging is to help you carry the traffic from 2 or more VLANs over 1 physical link.

3. The user ports on both SWTs must be configured to pertain to either VLN1 or VLN2, untagged (users' NIC most probably doesn't support tagging). The purpose of using VLANs is to separate your LAN users at Layer 2 (somewhat equivalent to IP subnetting at Layer 3). A user in VLN1 will not be able to send/receive Ethernet frames to/from a user form VLN2 WITHOUT passing through a router. This saves bandwidth (by reducing the broadcast domains) and adds security.

4. If you're using RJ45 ports for up-link/trunking, be sure you use a cross-over cat5e cable (if you don't have special up-link ports).