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2 Vlans one default gateway..... 2650 switch....

Chad Thomsen
Occasional Visitor

2 Vlans one default gateway..... 2650 switch....

I have 6 access points going into one 2650 switch. I also have the switch hooked up to a router via one ethernet cable which in turn is hooked up to the internet. Each access point will have two vlans on them, one for normal access and one for guest access. All 6 access points will share the same two vlans, normal production vlan and guest access vlan. How do I get both vlans to communicate with a single port on a router. The whole idea is to get both vlans access to the internet, get the production vlan full access to the entire network, and the guest vlan access only to the internet.

How can I do this? Will the 2650 do intervlan routing?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: 2 Vlans one default gateway..... 2650 switch....


What you can do:
- Enable Inter-Vlan routing on the 2650.
- Add a default route to internet pointing to your router.
- If your router in the production Vlan they you need to add a route back for the guest Vlan with a gateway is the production Vlan IP.

What you can't do:
- Give guests only internet access with no access to other resources
Reason, you need some kind of ACLs to do that which is not available on the 2600 series.

If you have a good router it may have some kind of ACLs, in this case do a routing on a stick scenario and let the Internet router do the the Inter-Vlan routing plus serving internet access plus implement ACL on that router.

Good Luck !!!
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Chad Thomsen
Occasional Visitor

Re: 2 Vlans one default gateway..... 2650 switch....

Yea, I had though of routing on a stick as I have done that before. Need to see what my clients router will support. I had a feeling the 2650 would not route as it is not a true layer 3 switch. Thanks again for your help.