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2 managed 3400cl switches connecting to one unmanaged switch

Jason Steig
Occasional Contributor

2 managed 3400cl switches connecting to one unmanaged switch

I have XRRP running for vlan 50 between two 3400cl switches. These switches are the default gateway's for vlan 50 in the local lan for users connected to the unmanaged switches. There is one cable from each 3400cl intot he unmanaged switch untagged in vlan 50 and this is where XRRP is running. My question is, the 3400cl's have 20 switch ports on them. Am I going to be able to utilize those ports and have them work with xrrp? I don't think users on those ports will fail over if the lan connection on the 3400cl they are connected too fails.
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: 2 managed 3400cl switches connecting to one unmanaged switch

you describe the unmanaged switch as having only a single uplink to one of the 3400cl switches. if this 3400cl goes down, the users on the unmanaged switch have no connection to the other 3400! so their default gateway is not reachable.

so the xrrp config returns no profit!
you must either - manually reconnect them to the other 3400cl - or implement redundant uplink in advance to the second 3400cl