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2 vlans - 1 connection to a cisco router

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2 vlans - 1 connection to a cisco router

I am trying to get two vlans working on a procurve 2650 switch with ONE connection to a cisco 1841 router. No luck as of yet!

My configuration on the switch looks like this:

trunk 12 Trk5 Trunk
ip default-gateway
vlan 1
untagged 1-9, 11,13-50,Trk5
ip address
no untagged 10
vlan 5
name "vlan5"
ip address
tagged 10, Trk5

My configuration on the cisco router looks like this:
interface FastEthernet0/0
ip address
duplex auto
speed auto
interface FastEthernet0/0.5
encapsulation dot1Q 5
ip address

At this point, I have a PC on port 10 (vlan5) and it cannot ping the cisco router (, which is on port 12.

Also, I notice that when I view the the port address table on the switch for port 10, nothing shows up.

Any ideas?


Case Van Horsen
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Re: 2 vlans - 1 connection to a cisco router

First, a "trunk" on HP is an EtherChannel on Cisco. To allow multiple VLANs on an link, you just need to tag them on the HP side.

I think this will work:

1) Get rid of Trk5.
2) VLAN 5 should be tagged on port 12 and untagged on 10.

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Re: 2 vlans - 1 connection to a cisco router

It works! Thanks casevh!

I definitely tried it without the Trk5. What I didn't try was setting port 10 as "untagged". My thinking was that I wanted anything on this port to be "tagged" because I knew that it would need to be "tagged" going out port 12 to the router. Does the "untagged" mean that what is coming in is "untagged"?

Thank you very much!