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2424m crc errors

Jari Hyvonen
Occasional Visitor

2424m crc errors

I have a HP Procurve 2424M switch with software revision C.09.16.

I Have been using switch now for a half year and noticed a few weeks ago these strange problems. Earlier i have ignored these problems, but i had a few nasty situations because these failures and i decided to find out what is the problem.

-Creating a Workstation image with a dos network boot diskette fails (data size to server from workstation 1-4 GB).

-Copying problem files through switch ending usually "... the specified network name is no longer available". Copying fails always with the same problematic file! I don't know what causes this behaviour, but i can sometimes copy a large 500 MB ZIP-files with no problems and sometimes a single 3 MB file will not copy!

-Switch sometimes detects "Too many undersized/giant packets" errors during file copy process.

Yes, i have tried force both ends FULL/HALF/100/10 Mb/s but no help.

All the FAQ-messages etc. give this "Wrong duplex/speed" explanation to this kind of problems.

Now, when examining this problem more deeply i noticed, that if i have a file copy problem from Workstation 1 to workstation 2 and WKS1 is connected to port 1 and WKS2 is connected to port 12 file copy process is succesfull, if for example
WKS2 is connected to port 7 (below port 1).

File copy process can be made more succesfully by using between these machines two ports inside one of these port groups:





These ports are perhaps connected internally to common ethernet layer chips or something like that. But why changing a cable from
one port to another can make the difference?

Yes, i have tried many differend cables. Now i am testing the switch with two workstations with 3 meter cables and i have the same problems!

Workstation Network adapter (3c905 and Intel 82557) counters create CRC- receive errors.

I replaced 2424m with a dummy 8 port HUB and everything works ok.

Have anyone else had similar problems with 2424m?

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Re: 2424m crc errors

It seems you have a defective swt. Maybe it's a good ideea to return it to HP for repairs - you should have a life-time warranty (tell HP people what you've done to try to fix the problem). If replacing the swt with any other swt or hub alleviates the problem, then the original swt is broken.

Jari Hyvonen
Occasional Visitor

Re: 2424m crc errors


The switch was defective and was replaced by HP service.

No more network failures :)
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Re: 2424m crc errors

J A R I,

T H A N K S F O R T H E P O I N T S :))))

These are my first on this forum.