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2510 - 1800 VLAN connection

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Max Lohrmann
Occasional Contributor

2510 - 1800 VLAN connection


my question may seem a bit silly to the more experienced users but even after reading the whole manual chapter about VLANs I'm not sure how to configure it.

I will try to describe my problem as good as possible:

There are two switches: A (1800-24G) and B (2510-48)
Both switches have ports that are either untagged members of VLAN 16, untagged members of VLAN 18 or tagged members of VLAN16,17,18,19.
So, for example:

Switch A:
Port 1-5 Untagged VLAN 16
Port 18 Untagged VLAN 18
Port 19-21 Tagged VLAN 16,17,18,19

Switch B:
Port 1-15 Untagged VLAN 16
Port 16-20 Tagged VLAN 16,17,18,19
Port 23 Tagged VLAN 18,19

VLAN 18 should become the management VLAN of the switches (and also some other network devices normal users do not need to have access to)

The switches are connected on A24<->B51.

My question: how do I configure this switch<->switch connection?

Both manuals state something different:

1800: For Switch-Switch connection set the Packet Type to "Tagged only" and the PVID to "None" on the uplink port.

2510: To connect multiple switches together the uplink ports on both switches have to be members of all the VLANs that can occur on both switches.

I don't really think this is how it should be done because that means I would have to add 16 ports to > 4 VLANs each.
(For two switches only this would already mean:
On 1700 add port 24 to tagged VLAN 16
On 1700 add port 24 to tagged VLAN 17
On 1700 add port 24 to tagged VLAN 18
On 1700 add port 24 to tagged VLAN 19
On 2510 add port 51 to tagged VLAN 16
On 2510 add port 51 to tagged VLAN 17
On 2510 add port 51 to tagged VLAN 18
On 2510 add port 51 to tagged VLAN 19)
This would be a major effort and will in the future likely be a good source for connectivity problems.

So what I am looking for is an option like "Port can receive and send on any VLAN" to connect the switches together. Is there something like this or do I really have to create every VLAN on every switch and add every uplink port to every VLAN?

Best regards

Regular Advisor

Re: 2510 - 1800 VLAN connection


What you are looking for is not supported on Procurve switches. You have to do a

vlan 16 tag 24
vlan 17 tag 24

which probably can be a good thing to reduce broadcast, just make sure to remove the vlans you don't want over the link. But I do agree that this should be a feature.

Re: 2510 - 1800 VLAN connection

Hi Max,

running the vlans like is suggested will scale better than you think, I would just do it manually as suggested as vlans are very logical and once you understand the basics of tagged/untagged that is all you really need to know and i don't think you will find it an unsurpassable overhead.

When people have lots of switches they generally run GVRP though to make the config easier.

I have lots and lots of switches and lots of vlans and i don't use gvrp because of a couple of reasons, rather EXPECT scripts to auto login to the cli and run the vlans around when i make changes.

Many of these features may not be available on the switches that you have, if your setup starts getting larger i would recomend the 2810-xxG or 2910-xxG for your gigabit switches and 2610-xx for your FE switches, you have a lot more options with these.


Max Lohrmann
Occasional Contributor

Re: 2510 - 1800 VLAN connection

Hi Paulen and Martin,

thank you both for your clarification.
Well, I'll better get going now ;)

Best regards