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2510-24 fails in PNM after upgrade

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2510-24 fails in PNM after upgrade


We are currently using Procurve Manager version B_02_30_08. When updating our 2510-24 switches to Q.11.11 some strange things happens:

After a successful upgrade to Q.11.11 they disappears from the 2500 group under interconnected devices, and reappears in the 1800 group as 1800-24G-B switches whith Q.11.11 as SW version … I have not tried Q.11.17.

When connecting via telnet / CLI to the switch, it still acts as a 2510-24, and it runs Q.11.11 … Nothing seems to fail, and everything looks just normal …

I would like to have it back in the 2500 group, since most if the functionality is disabled for the 1800's.

Could anyone please try to explain what happens, and give me a description on how to recover from this? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Best regards
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Re: 2510-24 fails in PNM after upgrade


What caused this I can't explain but if you upgrade PCM with the last updates and the switch with 11.17 then re-discover it pops back in the 2500 group.