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2510 miniGBIC fiber issue

Godissart Benoit
Occasional Visitor

2510 miniGBIC fiber issue


We have Procurves 6600-24G (J9263A) & 2510G-48 (J9280A), linked together by miniGBIC modules and fiber in LACP.

When I did some tests in laboratory with those modules only between 2510G procurves, I succeeded without any problem to establish simple and LACP links between them.

But when we plug (firstly) a miniGBIC in a 6600 procurve, and secondly the other miniGBIC in a 2510G procurve, we always have to reboot the 2510G to make it working.

Actually, it seems that the slightest physical change (physical or logical) leads to a disconnection between the 2 different procurves when miniGBIC + fiber is used.

I read that a new firmware version for 6600 has been released, allowing to reboot a module without having to reboot the entire switch.
But the problem here seems only related to 2510G procurve : we only have to reboot this one to make the link working, not the 6600.

2510G image version : Y.11.12
6600 image version : K.14.03

Has anyone an idea about that "issue" ?

Thank you in advance for your help.