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2510G can't login or telnet

Dale Hartshorn
Occasional Visitor

2510G can't login or telnet

I just bought 2 2510G-48 switches from different vendors. Both are working ok as switches. I can login to one with both telnet and a browser but not the other. I believe I set them up on the console with the same settings (except the IP number of course).
The second switch I have accessed with telnet once or twice but usually I get an error that it can't connect to port 23. A browser connection simply fails. When I connect at the console I can't change settings. It won't respond to "setup" but I can see info with "menu". I'm not able to make changes.
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Re: 2510G can't login or telnet

Hie Dale

Please contact ProCurve Customer Care Center to acquire a one-time-use password.

Then you will be able to log on to the switch.

Hope this helps