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2524 - SSH access by script

Mirko Kerezovic
Occasional Visitor

2524 - SSH access by script

i tried to access our HP Procurve 2524 and 2512 switches via SSH by script, because i want to transfer the configuration and event-log automated from the switches to my TFTP-server as backup every night.

SSH and TFTP-upload is running well, when I login and start the transfer manually.

I tried to use plink, a part of the ssh-client putty, to write a script for automated login and transfer, but, when running the script, i always get the following message:

FATAL ERROR: Server sent disconnect message:
"Remote command execution not supported."

Does that mean, that i have to enable something, or is an automated access in general impossible?

Is there an alternative way to transfer the event-logs and configs automatically?
Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: 2524 - SSH access by script

Plink doesn't seem to be supported by Procurve, only ssh and tabacs.
Can't you include your ssh command in a shell script ?
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