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2610, 2510 and trendnet teg-mgbsx mini gbic -s

john fish
Occasional Advisor

2610, 2510 and trendnet teg-mgbsx mini gbic -s


Well theres said in manual that only procurve mini-gbic's shoudl be used.

I never done anythinh with fiber/minigibc-s, so last night I tried to get 2510 and 2610 wokring with those TRENDNET gbic-s.
Just wondering if they really don't work with procurves, or is it in setup?

What I did:
1) 2510 has 2 uplinks connected with rj45.
2) 2510 , took one rj45 upllink out, put under that fiber port GBIC
3) 2610 has one uplink to 2510 with rj45, took it out, put mini-GBIC in.
4) connected fiber cables on both mini-gibcs, not working
5) in 2510 , crossed fiber cables, still nothing.

john fish
Occasional Advisor

Re: 2610, 2510 and trendnet teg-mgbsx mini gbic -s

ok now I see switch log , which says:
not a procurve transceiver....

Marco Wessel
Valued Contributor

Re: 2610, 2510 and trendnet teg-mgbsx mini gbic -s

They don't work in /some/ procurves. And in the ones where they do, they might not work in some versions of the software.

Please, complain loudly to HP about this obvious vendor lock-in problem. HP sells SFPs OEM'ed by Finisar for roughly five times the price Finisar charges for the exact same thing (excepting a firmware bit that allows the switch to verify the HP-ness.)

Unfortunately, it's not only HP who do this, but it still needs more complaining to all those involved.