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2610-48 PWR

Steffen Friedrich
Occasional Contributor

2610-48 PWR


how can i via the CLI a port or a port-range out of a specific VLAN configure.

i tried

no vlan 210 interface ethernet 1-10

but its delte the VLAN 210

Via the Menu i go to VLAN-Assigment -> there i tagged, untagged oder select no.

An the NO-Selction would i do per CLI

any Tipps...

Sorry for my bad english.

Respected Contributor

Re: 2610-48 PWR

a port has to be member at one vlan. you need a vlan where the unused ports are and just put them there.

for example
vlan 1
untagged 1-10
wr mem

with vlan 1 beeing the "unused vlan".
then the ports will be gone from vlan 210. At least if they aren' tagged in that vlan. if thats the case try
vlan 210
no tagged 1-10
wr mem

Steffen Friedrich
Occasional Contributor

Re: 2610-48 PWR


thanks for your help. It's function good.

best Greets..
Steffen Friedrich
Occasional Contributor

Re: 2610-48 PWR