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2610-48 lost network

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Occasional Visitor

2610-48 lost network


I'm using a hp procurve 2610-48 with R_11_07 Software. I set up an IP on it and I am able to manage it. My problem is that sometimes I can't acces on it (no reply on ping)and a random port is disconnected. The only way to recover is to reload it. It happend 3 times last month.
Is there a fix for that? Is it a known issue?...

Thanks for help.
Gerhard Roets
Esteemed Contributor

Re: 2610-48 lost network

Hi Ramon

Grab R.11.25 from the

Note the fixes in R.11.24. That should help you

Occasional Visitor

Re: 2610-48 lost network

Hi Gerhard,

Thanks for your reply. I read the release note of the R.11.24 and it seems to be the right solution. I will upgrade this weekend and let you know if it fix my issue