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2610 high cpu


2610 high cpu

i have 3 2610's with R.11.30 firmware in a switchblock terminating at 2x 5406 (FW K.14.41)

all 3 2610's have abnormally high CPU - around 84% (and above) at radom intervals

all switches have STP enabled with primary 5406 as root and proper ports blocking

how can i find which process is using up the CPU so much?

the "task-monitor cpu" command does not work on the 2610's:

VBN-B07-11# task-monitor cpu
Invalid input: task-monitor

any idea's?
Jaap Laaij
Frequent Advisor

Re: 2610 high cpu

What does the logging say?
Use trial version of PCM+ otherwise?

Re: 2610 high cpu

there's really nothing in the logs! :(

going to sniff the traffic this week - see if we can find anything there