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2626 Routing

Matthew Hodkinson
Occasional Visitor

2626 Routing

I have a small system on the bench to help me with a system design, I have one 2626 switch and 3 PCs.

I am trying to route between two Vlans

if I enter
ProCurve Switch 2626(config)# ip route

I get the response can not be switch IP address and route gateway at the same time.

I have searched the web and forums with no luck.

please can someone throw some light on this.
can it be done on a layer 3 lite switch?

; J4900B Configuration Editor; Created on release #H.10.74

hostname "ProCurve Switch 2626"
ip routing
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
untagged 1-10,15-26
ip address
no untagged 11-14
vlan 2
name "control"
untagged 11-12
ip address
vlan 3
name "cobra"
untagged 13-14
ip address
Respected Contributor

Re: 2626 Routing

Hi Matthew,

You can just enable routing on the switch and it will automatically route between the VLANS, no need to define any routes.

Islam Hassan

Matthew Hodkinson
Occasional Visitor

Re: 2626 Routing

Routing is on, but I cant ping between vlans

what would the gateway be?
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: 2626 Routing

the gateway addresses for devices are the vlan addresses - specific to the vlan the device is connected to...

vlan1 - def g/w
vlan2 - def g/w
vlan3 - def g/w

Matthew Hodkinson
Occasional Visitor

Re: 2626 Routing

Thank you

The gateways are as expected but with all combination of these and i still cant ping across Vlans, I can ping all devices and vlans from the switch.

I'm still at a loss, it must be something simple
Matthew Hodkinson
Occasional Visitor

Re: 2626 Routing

Found the problem....

By chance I looked at the log and found
an entry

-- port 3 is Blocked by LACP

this was also present for the other ports

the problem was solved by turning all port lacp off, in the menu they were already shown as off......

But it now works.
Matthew Hodkinson
Occasional Visitor

Re: 2626 Routing

as above