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2626 Switch routing capabilities


2626 Switch routing capabilities


I have a 2626m router witch supports IP routing.
I`m planing on using it for a small network with about 40 connected clients.

There will be 4 VLANs and one link net to connect the clients to the internet.

I know the 2626m has wery limited routing capabilities (128) but will it be able to route this network?.
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Re: 2626 Switch routing capabilities


depends on the amount of traffic that has to be routet. Generally I would not use the 26xx series as a router. I did not really test it but I suppose it's routing capabilities are limited to something between 50 and 100mbps.

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: 2626 Switch routing capabilities

I think that should probably be okay since the amount of hosts on the network is under that 128 hardware table limitation.

Re: 2626 Switch routing capabilities

The clients will only use it for internett acsess. The internet connection is 20Mbps.
What do you think?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: 2626 Switch routing capabilities


The 2600 series has a routing feature for its connected Vlans plus static routing also.

If your 40 clients are on different Vlans on even in the same Vlan, then its ok.

Anyway, i don't think you need the 2600 for routing, because your WAN connection (Internet from your ISP) will be connected to a Router, so what you need on the 2600 is only a single static (Default) route to this router.

If you don't have this router, then you should have a Modem from the ISP (unless the ISP provides you a LAN connection) and in this case you need a Router to connect to the Modem, and from this router to your 2600 switch.

Good Luck !!!
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