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2626 reboots and Cold Equipment Rooms

Drew Meyer
Occasional Contributor

2626 reboots and Cold Equipment Rooms

Has anyone else had problems with your 2626 (J4900B) switches in cold enviroments? I have two switches that have been randomly rebooting when the temp drops in rooms where 2626 switches are located. I move the switches to my office (70F) and they have no problems. Move them back to the cold and they start rebooting.

Temp range is well within the spec, it ranges from 40F - 70F. With the switches having problem during the colder part of the day.

Support said they have had only one other case like this in Europe. I can't be the only other person.
Allan Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: 2626 reboots and Cold Equipment Rooms

Hi Drew,

How cold is the room? I have had the switches in a comm closet that sometimes got as low as 62F and have never had a problem.

My first guess would be a bad solder connection somewhere internally - there could be a loose lead that changes position when the temperature changes. The 70F office environment may be just warm enough to make things work. I guess the cooling fans are just too efficient - it would be nice if they would shut off when the temp is low enough.

Allan in Atlanta
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: 2626 reboots and Cold Equipment Rooms

Shalom Drew,

If the device is failing in temperature senstive situations within operating specifications, it is likely to fail completely at some point.

I'd recommend having it serviced or replaced. Its not uncommon for devices to not meet their operating specifications, but if you are going to rely on this machine, it must be serviced.

It may be a manufacturing problem and you may indeed be one of two people with this issue. Have them replaced, eventually, probably out of warranty the switch will fail or develop new quirks.

Steven E Protter
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