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2626 series LAN setup

J. Rens
Occasional Contributor

2626 series LAN setup

Hi all,

Since I'm monitoring my 2626's via snmp, I see the CPU load on 4 of the 5 switches going up to down in a 5 hour period, like a sawtooth type of graph.

My switches are cascaded via the GigE ports, switch a 26 > switch B 25, switch b 26 > switch c....

Any insight if this would cause problems, and If I might need an Dedicated GigE switch for creating a star with the 2626's?
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: 2626 series LAN setup

Are you routing with them by any chance? The 2600's do not make the best routers when there is more than 128 (from memory) hosts, and will start routing in software after that limit.

What is the CPU going up to? Is the traffic affected? The CPU utilisation is really only reflecting the load on the management side of things, usual switching which is done in hardware should not be affected.