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2650 - Mitel QOS

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Victor Gonzalez III
Occasional Contributor

2650 - Mitel QOS

I want to implement QOS on our switchs. I understand how to set the priority of 6 to the vlan, but I noticed under "show dscp-map" they have the mitel TOS. How exactly do I configure the QOS to set the priority by the TOS bit, or is it better to do it by the vlan?


Preston Gallwas
Valued Contributor

Re: 2650 - Mitel QOS

I believe if you want to use TOS you do

qos type-of-service ip-precedence

I havent used this command, but from browisng the QOS command help, I think thats what you're lookin for
Victor Gonzalez III
Occasional Contributor

Re: 2650 - Mitel QOS

yeah, reading the documentation I was thinking that is what I wanted to use.

that is the only thing I have to turn on?

Also are there any counters to verify that it is matching the traffic?
Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: 2650 - Mitel QOS

Hi Victor,

A good read about VOIP:


It's a VOIP cookbook. It focuses mostly on a solution with Mitel, so exactly what you have. QOS settings and such are explained in there. It has example configs, even for the 2600 series.

I'm sure it will be helpful.

Victor Gonzalez III
Occasional Contributor

Re: 2650 - Mitel QOS

good read, but it doesnt mention anything about using the TOS.

is there a way to check for the matched traffic
Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

Re: 2650 - Mitel QOS

We have QoS implemented in our network with Mitel phones but stuck with vlan priorities. My understanding is that dscp QoS is best used when your traffic is crossing over a routed link. A routed link would not carry vlan tagged traffic therefore you need to be able to map the vlan priority to a dscp priority.