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2650 cli output hang

2650 cli output hang

Hi everyone

I got a problem with a HP 2650, J4899C, switch running H10.67

When trying to issue a command like 'show interface' through telnet or SSH I get a list of interface from 1 to 19, but half the line of interface 20 is shown and I have to kill the session and start over again. If I specify the port number, like 'show interface 20' I got no problem. I have tested this on all interfaces.

I get a similar error when running 'show vlan 101' or even when listing the menu.

Also, I am not able to get up the web interface......

But some of the commands, like 'show running' is working just fine.

The switch is in another building, connected through a wireless bridge. The clients are connected to the network, and are working properly.

The only problem for me is being able to manage the switch in a proper way, and I am afraid there is something really wrong....

I attach the config from the device.

Best regards

Frequent Advisor

Re: 2650 cli output hang

Hi Rune,

It could be relating to a problem that was reported concerning loss of management functionality of the switch,this has been fixed! I suggest you contact your local Procurve Support and ask for the latest firmware, released to support which is H.10.74

Good Luck!

Re: 2650 cli output hang

Re: 2650 cli output hang

Thanks, I will try upgrading this morning and see if there are any changes.