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2824 Routing

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Gus Dandas_1
Occasional Advisor

2824 Routing

Beginner's question:
The 2824 is currently just using one default VLAN for all ports.
If it has direct connections to a router and a firewall, can it route between them?
Can it route some network's packets to the router's port, and others to the firewall's port?
Would this require each port to be on a different VLAN with Routing enabled on the 2824?
Can you direct me to any examples.

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: 2824 Routing


If your firewall and router on the same subnet, then you can't achieve that.

You need to have each one in a different Vlan, and then you can enable routing between these Vlans, and you can add some more static routes for more convenience.

Say you have your router with IP 192.168.1.x/24 range, and you connected the router to port 1, and firewall to port 2, and your firewall configured with 192.168.2.x/24 range, then:

1- Create another Vlan and assign an IP address for this vlan: (config)#vlan 2 ip add 192.168.2.x

2- Untag port 2 (fierwall) for Vlan2
(config)#vlan 2 untag 2

3- Enable ip routing: (config)#ip routing

Now you should be able to route between these 2 Vlans and ping both the firewall and the router.

Now if you want to specify which traffic to go to the router and which to go to the firewall then you need a policy based routing which is not available on this switch.

But say, the other firewall end connect to another network 10.1.1.x, and you want clients on both Vlans to reach it, then simple:
1- Add a static route on the switch:
ip route 192.168.2.xx (where 192.168.2.xx is the firewall IP)

2- Add a policy on the firewall to allow both 192.168.1.x and 2.x to go to 10.1.1.x

And if you have on the router's other interface another network and you want to be able to route to then add another static route:

ip route 172.16.1.x 192.168.1.xx (where 192.168.1.xx if the router ip address).

and if you have internet on the router, or the firewall then add the default route:

ip route .

Good Luck !!!
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Gus Dandas_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: 2824 Routing

Thanks so much for your response.
I'll give it a try.