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2910AL Trunking help

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2910AL Trunking help

Hi all, I am trying to trunk my VLAN(s) to my Cisco 2621 router but I can't get the default VLAN to trunk over.

This is a quick overview of how my VLAN(s) are setup on my switch

1 - Default (IP (untagged 21-23) (no untagged 1-20, TRK24) -> port 24 is used to trunk
10 - E (NO IP) (untagged 1-4) (tagged trk24)
20 - J (NO IP) (untagged 5-8) (tagged trk24)
30 - S (NO IP) (untagged 9-12) (tagged trk24)
40 - P (NO IP) (untagged 13-15) (tagged trk24)
50 - Servers (NO IP) (untagged 17-20) (tagged trk24)

All the DHCP and sub interfaces are configured on my Cisco router he is a sample of how the networks look like.

VLAN 1 - /24
VLAN 10 - /24 (DHCP)
VLAN 20 - /24 (DHCP)
VLAN 30 - /24 (DHCP)
VLAN 40 - /24 (DHCP)
VLAN 50 - /24

This is how the trunking looks like on the Cisco router

FA0/1 - no ip address, no shutdown
FA0/1.1 - IP, encap dot1q 1 native
FA0/1.10 - IP, encap dot1q 10
FA0/1.20 - IP, encap dot1q 20
FA0/1.30 - IP, encap dot1q 30
FA0/1.40 - IP, encap dot1q 40
FA0/1.50 - IP, encap dot1q 50

All the static port VLAN(s) work fine for example if I plug in my laptop to port 1 its going to be tagged with a VLAN ID of 10 and assigns me a DHCP address of

BUT on my switch I CAN'T ping my router so when I ping coming form (default vlan), no response.

When I plug in my laptop into port 23 (untagged VLAN1) and set an IP of I CAN ping my switch and access the web interface BUT I can't ping the gateway.

I tried setting it so VLAN 1 trunks via TRK24 but still no luck

Maybe my trunks are messed up, which I think is the main issue. Does anybody know the solution to my problem? This is my first time configuring an HP switch.

Thanks for the responses

cenk sasmaztin
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Re: 2910AL Trunking help

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Re: 2910AL Trunking help

Thanks for the help guys I got it figured out. I am still new to L3 switches so I dumped that old topology and enabled intra-vlan routing on the HP switch.

Once that was done everything was working fine. I even got Radius assigned VLAN(s) to work everything is gravy.. well not quite

Thanks for the help!