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2910AL and 2650 vlan / trunking

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2910AL and 2650 vlan / trunking

I want to send up some vlans / trunks and I need your support for a good setup.

Please describe also witch port needs to be tagged / untagged.


We have 2x HP Procurve 2910 AL (24p) and 1 HP procurve 2650 (48p)


For voice we use 192.168.26.x / 24 ( dhcp is

For data we use 192.1168.28.x /24 ( dhcp is / gateway is


The 2910 switches are used for the distribution of data and voice, this will split later in the telephone switch.

The 2650 is used for the connection to the routers / servers enz.

Both switches I think need to be trunked to the 2650, and can we use the default vlan for the data?


thanks for the help

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Re: 2910AL and 2650 vlan / trunking

1/ Configure VLAN 10 DATA and VLAN 20 VOICE on all three switches.


2/ Configure VLAN 10,20 as tagged VLANs on the switchports that link the switches together


3/ configure VLAN 10 untagged, VLAN20 tagged on the switchports the phones will connect to.