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2910al 48G stops responding

Occasional Contributor

2910al 48G stops responding

I have a 2910al running W.14.39 that stops responding on all configured IP's, can't access using Telnet or web interface. It is setup for VLAN routing, but is barely utilized at this point. It does continue to pass switch traffic, but requires that I unplug the power to reset. This has happened 3 times, or roughly every three months. Any ideas what would cause this or what to look for?
Occasional Visitor

Re: 2910al 48G stops responding

I would start with a software update and reboot.


If the issue continues don't pull power use the reset button to reboot the switch, pull a show tech all and call support.
Massimo Poletti_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: 2910al 48G stops responding

Similar problem twice. Hardware 2910al-24G, last firmware release.

It is interesting that in both cases the switches hung when I made a stack with another identical switch!

When I was able to undo the stack configuration the behaviour returned normal.

Maybe a firmware bug to fix?
Occasional Visitor

Re: 2910al 48G stops responding

similar issue here


2x 2910al-48G Switches Stacked (FW 14.49)


Commander Switch becomes unresponsive on WebInterface, Telnet and SSH after some time. Member Switch still accessible over all protocols.

But Commander is still working and also responding to ping.