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2910al DNS Suffix Issue

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2910al DNS Suffix Issue

Hey ppl .. Need another brain on this one new to HP .. 


We have 22 HP 2910al 48 port POE switches connected with single mode fiber 6 x 1gb SPF modules. 


There are following VLANS 


VLAN 130 ip Address (Server VLAN)

VLAN 140 ip Address (Workstation VLAN)

VLAN 150 

VLAN 160

VLAN 170

VLAN 180

VLAN 190

VLAN 200

IP routing is on on one switch which I configure as a core switch. Workstation connected to VLAN 130 get the right IP address and also domain dns suffix. Problem is when we turn on workstation on VLAN 140 they dont get any IP address or DNS Suffix In Network Connection under Local Area Connection it says (Unidentified network. Unknown Network) at same time but if I disable the network card and enable it again it picks up the right IP ADDRESS and DNS SUFFIX. does not matter what I do it stays the same. ?


Any thoughts would be good 


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Re: 2910al DNS Suffix Issue

Any chance you are running STP? If you are, the problem is that when the port comes up it listening and blocking for 30 seconds by default before it starts forwarding traffic on the port.



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Re: 2910al DNS Suffix Issue

have you configured the ip helper on the routing switch?