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2910al and MRTG

Konstantin Bezruchenko
Occasional Visitor

2910al and MRTG

Hi all,

Trying to get MRTG working on 2910al with software W.14.03

However seems like switch gives completely random values on ifHCInOctets/ifHCOutOctets

For example we have a 6Gbps going from servers towards router, but MRTG draw only about 1Gbps

The most strange thing - MRTG start drawing about correct values, once I run CLI -> Menu -> 1 Status and conters - > 5 port counters

Once I stop that on CLI - there is random values again.

Could you suggest something?


Re: 2910al and MRTG

I don't have a direct answer to your question, but for bandwidth monitoring you might also want to look at enabling sFlow on the ProCurve. sFlow exports the interface counters and flow information allowing you to see top talkers etc.

sFlowTrend (http://www.sflowtrend.com) is a free sFlow analyzer that will get you try out sFlow. Links to other sFlow software is available at http://www.sflow.org/products/collectors.php

For more information on sFlow see http://www.sflow.org/ and http://blog.sflow.com/