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2910al and P4000

stefano colombo_1
Super Advisor

2910al and P4000

We have 2 2910al-24G to use with P4000 storage.
The 2 2910al are connected with a 2-port lacp trunk

A VLAN has been enabled for connecting P4000 nodes , per vlan jumbo frames has been enabled .

Flow control is enabled on all P4000 ports.

P4000 nodes are configured with Adaptive Load Balancing

We are experiencing network problem with nodes , ping packets lost , when the P4000 are connected with both interfaces . If we disconnect one of them all is fine .

Is there anything to be configured on 2910 to better support iscsi operation ?

Also how can increase per-port buffer ?
I know I can reduce the qos queue but don't know exactly how to do it


Re: 2910al and P4000


The HP docs say Flow Control and Jumbo frames isn't best practice for iSCSI

if you enable Jubo frames you should disable flow control.

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Re: 2910al and P4000


Another things to check is the LACP out port algorithm for HPN product, if this is sa-da, you need to configure your P4000 product to work in the same way.