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2910al stacking and VLAN routing HELP!

Tal Bar-Or
Occasional Contributor

2910al stacking and VLAN routing HELP!

Hello All,

We are in the process of configuring 3 2910al-48's in a new deployment as our core network stack .

We've configured the 3 switches as follows:
Switch 1 COMMANDER - Default_VLAN for all devices:
2nd floor
Default VLAN (ID 1) - Ports 1-10, IP 212.X.X.X
QA VLAN (ID 2) - Ports 10-24 , IP
Proxy-ARP is enabled on both VLANs.

1st floor
Switch 2:MEMBER
Default VLAN (ID 1) - Ports 1-4, IP 212.X.X.X
QA VLAN (ID 2) - Ports 4-20, IP none

2nd floor
Switch 3:MEMBER
Default VLAN (ID 1) - Ports 1-48, IP 212.X.X.X

All are part of the same stack, with switch1 as the commander.

Spanning tree and IP Routing are enabled on commander switch.

All 3 switches are then cascaded together using SFP+LRM 10GbE.

However we're having issues with a couple of points...
1) How to route between subnets -across the VLANs and floors, since i have hosts from 1st floor and 2nd floor should be in the same vlan id 2 which is should i use TAGGED pors on second only or for all ports

Please advice
Occasional Visitor

Re: 2910al stacking and VLAN routing HELP!

Not the same model - but here is a good link that explains tagged, untagged and all that good stuff..