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2910al switch config

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2910al switch config

we have a 2910al switch that needs to connect to a cisco router. We have been given instructions to configure a port on our switch to talk to the router, but these are instructions for another cisco switch not a HP one. The instructions are as follows...
config t
port 23
description***Connection to Orange router-Fa0/1***
no switchport
ip address 10.xx.xxx.xxx 255.xxx.xxx.xxx
no ip redirects
no ip proxy-arp
speed 100
duplex full
no shut
ip route 10.xx.xx.x 255.xxx.xxx.xxx.x 10.xxx.xxx.xxx
Is this possible to do with a 2910al switch - I think it maybe but not sure if I have to do a vlan???
Tore Valberg
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Re: 2910al switch config

Try this doc


The config on the 2910 side should be relatively simple.