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2xHP4000 with 1gb copper and 1 x hp2824

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2xHP4000 with 1gb copper and 1 x hp2824

Hi can some one please assist.

We have the following Equipment

2 x HP 4000m Switch's
Each has a J4115b RJ 45 Copper Gig Module installed.

1 x HP 2824 gb Switch. (NEW)

All 3 switch's have had the Firmward upgraded to latest version.

we have no vlans or anything special, jsut 1 simple network.
What would be the best configuration for the above equipment.

We have currently used standard rj45 cat5 network cable's from each of the 4000's gig module to the 2824.

This work's.

However if we then connect a link cable to each of the 4000's standard 10/1000 port all of the switch's lock up. In other words before we had the 2824 we had a standard link cable which now MUST be removed, is this correct.

Hope some one can assist in this matter.

Thanks for in advace

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: 2xHP4000 with 1gb copper and 1 x hp2824


What you're doing is creating a loop in the network which results in a broadcast storm.

If you wish to connect them like:

4000M -- 4000M
| |
| |

Then you need to enable spanning-tree on all 3 switches. This will block one of the redundant links.

For your current situation it's probably easier just to leave the link between the 4000M's out.

Otherwise on the 4000M's they don't support Rapid Spanning Tree 802.1w, so there is a little more to configuring it than on the 2824. You will need to read through the spanning-tree chapter in the manual to understand.