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3400cl / 6400cl firmware divergence & meshing

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Simon Hamilton-Wilkes
Occasional Contributor

3400cl / 6400cl firmware divergence & meshing

We have a mix of 12 of the above running in a 10gig mesh, currently all running 8.86.
The firmware has now split - 6400cl surrent is 8.102 while 3400cl current is 10.06.
All the meshing docs say all switches in a mesh should be running the same version - does this mean meshing different models of switches is now a bad idea?
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: 3400cl / 6400cl firmware divergence & meshing

That's a good point you've raised.

I've updated my 3400 and 6400 to those versions and I now get this in the event log:

"ldbal: Inconsistent OS version config with xxxxxx-xxxxxx"

The Meshing itself seems to be working fine.

The manual states that:
"In a given mesh domain, switches in the same product family must run the same switch software version. For example, if you update the software version on one Series 5300xl switch, then you must update the software version on any other Series 5300xl in the mesh. HP recommends that you
always use the most recent software version available for the switches in your network.

In this instance, although you will see the informational warning in the event log, I would say you can safely ignore it.