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3500 Beginner

Occasional Contributor

3500 Beginner

Just got a new 3500yl Switch and need help in configuring IP routing between VLANS. I currently have 3 VLAN's(VLAN 1, 2 & 3) on the switch. I need to configure IP routing only on 2 VLAN's(VLAN 1 & 3) and the remaining VLAN to be completely isolated. VLAN 1 is configured for ports 1-20, VLAN 2 FOR 21-30, VLAN 3 FOR 31-48. VLAN 1 is in the subnet and as the gateway, VLAN 2 on the and VLAN 3 ON subnet. Both VLAN 1 and 3 uses DHCP but i configured the switch to have a static IP of on VLAN 1 and on VLAN 3.
Joel Belizario
Trusted Contributor

Re: 3500 Beginner

If you don't require any traffic routed to VLAN 2 you can simply not assign an IP address to the VLAN.

Otherwise you can use access control lists to selectively filter traffic going to that VLAN.