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3500 - Static Routes (Urgent)


3500 - Static Routes (Urgent)

Hi All,

The bleow details are talking about 3500 L3 Switch Routing Spec..

As per the datasheet it will support 256 static routes.

But what is 10,000 network address routes ?
and what is 65,536 L3 host address routes?

I am confused and also after 256 Routes if i try to add the route i am getting error.

1. Static IP routes: To manually add routes directly to the routing table.

2. 10,000 network address routes, 65,536 L3 host address routes.

3. IP Static Routes – up to 256 static routes.


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Jonathan Axford
Trusted Contributor

Re: 3500 - Static Routes (Urgent)

The limitation is on the number of routes you can Statically assign to the config.

If using dynamic routing, the switch will learn lots more routes...

Are you using any Dynamic routing protocols?
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Joel Belizario
Trusted Contributor

Re: 3500 - Static Routes (Urgent)

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Re: 3500 - Static Routes (Urgent)

Its resolved..

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