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3500yl Multiple Gateways

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3500yl Multiple Gateways

I recently switched from a mix of old Cisco/Netgear switches to a new 3500yl and 4 2510G-48 switches. Everything is working great with them, but I am also migrating from an old FreeBSD firewall to an ISP-provided Cisco router.

I have five VLANs on my 3500yl:

VLAN 11:
VLAN 12:
VLAN 13:
VLAN 14:
VLAN 15:

I am attempting to test several of my VLANs with the new edge device, and I can't seem to figure out how to route just one VLAN through a different gateway. On a Cisco switch, I could have used a route map for this, is there something equivalent on HP? Can I use an ACL to accomplish this?
Natasha Samoylenko
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Re: 3500yl Multiple Gateways

Early availability software version K.15.01.0031 for HP ProCurve 3500, 5400, 8200 switches introduce route-map feature.

HP says:
"We anticipate general availability of this software in the second half of 2010"


But this software is still in "Early availability" status.
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Re: 3500yl Multiple Gateways

Problem solved. Thanks for the help.