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3500yl config help

Chris Herron
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3500yl config help

I am implementing a 3500yl in my network to be the core switch. We will have three Vlan's: Default_Vlan, Voice, Servers.

We have a VOIP phone system and currently it is on a different range than our data LAN. We also have Remote branches that are connected VIA a MPLS network that the VOIP travels over.

We are going to leave all workstations and printers in the default VLAN 1.

Servers are going to be In VLAN 10.

Voice is Vlan 20.

Now my question is, do i need to tag all the uplinks through my network with the Server VLAN? or will the request get to Core switch without the tagging.

Next issue, All the servers are in the same Subnet and range as the workstations. If i change from a to a, will i be able to assign the two vlans the same subnet in the same IP range?

Thanks for your help
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Re: 3500yl config help

Hello Chris,

regarding your questions:
1) On uplinks (Switch to Switch links) VLAN tagging is mandatory to distinguish between them. For VLAN 1 you can do this, but it is not mandatory. Default setting for VLAN 1 is untagged.
2) It is not possible to assign IP addresses of the same subnet to different VLANs. In you setup I recommend dedicated Class C subnets to each VLAN.


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